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Bean Class: Monday, Feb. 4th San Mateo

Reinvent the Pot of Beans February is Heart Health month and beans are great for your heart so why not kick off the month with a class on cooking beans? While I was working with Steve Sando  on the Heirloom Bean Book for Chronicle Books, I discovered how easy it is to cook a pot [...]
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An Indonesian Send-off

This is a wonderful book and I’m so happy to finally be cooking from it. I got ages ago but I’ve been a little busy for the past year or so cooking beans for the Heirloom Bean Book. (Co-written with Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo, the book will be out in the fall.) 50-60 pounds [...]
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Quick & Easy Sablefish with Meyer Lemon & Ajvar

Ok, the picture is terrible due to the absence of natural light this time of year at dinner time, but the fish was good. It was one of those nights when we’d picked up a piece of fish for dinner with no plan for it at all…Sunday night, something easy. Sablefish is also known as [...]
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Hands-on Tamale Class

Monday, January 21st. San Mateo Whole Foods Market 6:30-8:30pm The first one in December sold out, so I’m teaching another class at the San Mateo Whole Foods Market. Since I’m required to use products carried by Whole Foods in the class, you’ll learn how to make masa preparada from masa harina. It’s not quite as [...]
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URR–Unidentified Roosting Raptor–Sighting

Walking down Market Street this afternoon, I followed the upward gazes of some standers-by and was surprised to see a bird-of-prey roosting on the outer sill of one of the Hyatt’s rooms. I snapped this photo and after a quick Google image search I determined it was a peregrine, though I’m no birder. I also [...]
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Blogging the COG

Did you ever think, "boy if I ran this store, things would be a lot different?". Well, here’s your chance. There’s a new grocery store in town and I’m member number 408. The COG  is a start-up co-op modeled after the Park Slope Co-op. For now, it is located in a warehouse in Emeryville and [...]
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Happy New Year

We had a fantastic open house and invited many friends old and new. Everyone came and feasted on vegan black-eyed peas, rice, and greens, mini corn muffins with ham and mustard butter, fantastic desserts provided by our party co-host and much much more. We made wild sauerkraut to go with our black-eyed peas, rice, and [...]
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