Monthly Archives: February 2008

In Appreciation of Calm and Sunshine

A couple weeks ago during one of the breaks in the rainy weather, we went to Green Gulch Farm for a beginning meditation. Then we had lunch, and walked through the gardens to Muir Beach. The day and the lunch were both lovely and simple. First there was the taste of just dug potatoes accompanied [...]
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Cooking Class—Beyond Lasagna: Warming Winter Casseroles

Monday, February 25, San Mateo Whole Foods Market Casserole. The word gives me an old-fashioned, cozy feeling, but also conjures up memories of sludgy cream of mushroom soup and mushy noodles. But casseroles are really wonderful things for working cooks. A couple hours work yields about 12 servings of ready-to-eat home cooked food for lunches [...]
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Building a Better Farm Bill

On Wednesday, I joined the good people from the California Food and Justice Coalition and Food First (where I do some volunteer work) for a lunchtime march to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to deliver a Valentine (lots of fair trade chocolate and a flat of berries) asking her to give us a farm bill [...]
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I am a bowl of rice.

Inspired by the goodness of the grain bowl dishes at Café Gratitude, (I am still grateful for the sushi rice bowl I had there weeks ago) I cooked up some Green Bamboo Rice (it’s white rice infused with bamboo juice) and added a bunch of different items that I happened to have in my refrigerator. [...]
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Just found this new store the other day. It’s a fun place to poke around if you’re into old kitchenware. It’s only been open about a week, so there isn’t a sign yet, but the store is well stocked with a kooky selection of goods. Somebody seems to have both a suitcase and a copper [...]
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The Healthiest Breakfast on the Planet

Ok, I’m sure you could debate that, but you gotta admit, seaweed, wild salmon, soba noodles and broth beat out a lot of other typical options. We always eat fairly intelligently around here, but the cold weather makes us crave carbs. And however good the Marin Bagel Company Bagels may be, they are not the [...]
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