Monthly Archives: August 2008

Heirloom Beans

Got my author copies yesterday! The book will be on the shelves soon. You can preorder it now on Amazon cheap. Or you can "support your local bookstore". I'll be teaching a bean class at Sur La Table on Maiden Lane in San Francisco September 13. We'll be hitting the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market to [...]
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When Seasons Collide

This is the time of year when I have to hold myself back from buying too much food at the farmers’ market. We’ve got lovely stone fruit and melons but the grapes, apples, and figs are starting to arrive. In the midst of all the corn, squash, tomatoes, and green beans, we’ve got shelling beans, [...]
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Something to Relish

I'm rarely compelled to blog about a product, but here's an exception. I found this at The Pasta Shop in Berkeley just as they were building the new display. They found it at the Unfancy Food Show in Brooklyn. I was smitten by the packaging first and that's about as far as it would have [...]
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No Waste Dinners: Stuffed Gypsy Peppers

I’m on a frugality and zero-waste  kick. So, I’m diligently trying to use everything I buy or make and I’ve also been cleaning out the freezer. So, lately I find myself planning meals around the most ridiculously small and random items. Remember these chuchitos? Well, I still had some pepian sauce in the freezer (tomatoes, [...]
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Jolly Green (and yellow!) Giants

Get a load of this! This is one proud, tall sunflower…I'd say about 12-14 feet? Crazy! It makes me happy every time I look at it. Here's our beloved pumpkin. This baby will turn a dark, bumpy orange and be gorgeous and delicious. There are at least 2 more where this came from. Does anyone [...]
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Summer and the cookin’ is easy: Corn Chowder

I love summer because it’s so easy to cook without it really seeming like you spent much time in the kitchen. There are just so many uncomplicated meals to be had. Throw something on the grill and make a salad. Or whip up a quick corn chowder—easier than you might imagine. This scrumptious triumvirate of [...]
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Do you want to drive or eat?

Rush hour is not happy hour  8-08-08 5:15pm I was going to post a recipe for corn chowder, but then I read this. Sorry about the political break. I’ll post the corn chowder in a couple of days. Speaking of corn: Is it fuel or food? Well, increasingly it’s fuel, along with a lot of [...]
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