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Hunger Challenge Pinto Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach

Sorry about the not nice photo. It might not look it, but this was the best tasting and most filling recipe I’ve made yet for the Hunger Challenge. It didn’t leave me wishing for something else to eat immediately and was super simple to make. I also believe that it has literally the most nutritional [...]
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No Food for Thought

Time: Here's just one tiny piece of a problem that is systemic. We’re all short on time but some of us can afford to make up for that by using money. When the banks of time and money are both empty, you’ve got a problem. Somebody commented about this on The Kitchn yesterday. I was [...]
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Hunger Challenge Recipe: Cabbage and Potato Casserole

I like to think I have an ancestral way with cabbage due to my Slavic genes. For this recipe I challenged myself to use some of the items the food bank gets a lot of in one dish—namely cabbage, carrot pieces, onions, and cottage cheese. Sounds like a casserole in the making to me! So [...]
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SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge: Enjoy your lentils, but no caffeine for you!

Ok, so this Hunger Challenge thing…kind of fun really. I like a challenge. I like being resourceful and cooking with what’s available. Until I realize: WHERE’S MY COFFEE?? Ok, now this is bad. I’ll admit, I’m not really strictly doing the Hunger Challenge for a whole week. More like developing some recipes (and of course [...]
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SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge: Cabbage and Rice Soup

Here’s the first official recipe for the San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge. I’m trying as much as possible to use the commonly available food bank ingredients listed here at the bottom of the page. This simple soup is inspired by one of Marcella Hazan’s that includes rice and escarole and little else. I’ve upped [...]
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The Resourceful Cook: Spaghetti Frittata

Short on time and money? This is some mighty comfortable food. Sitting in your sweatpants at 9pm having finally mustered up the energy to dig through the refrigerator and make something to eat kind of food. I’m rarely not into cooking—even on the worst nights with the emptiest fridge. But this night, for whatever reason, [...]
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It's Official: Heirloom Beans are Popular

Sorry for the longish silence over here. Crashed my bike while riding to Slow Food Nation to break down on Labor Day and have been laying low to help my messed up hand heal. Slowly getting back into action. It was an action-packed weekend for promoting the bean book. first the Sur La Table class [...]
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