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Fun Bean Class at Kitchen on Fire

Here are a few shots from my class at Kitchen on Fire on Saturday. It was fun. We had a really good turnout and at some point I realized that when you teach a class based on beans, whole grains, and fish, you're actually teaching a healthy food class. If we'd named it that, nobody [...]
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An Ode to The Slowest Food Ever: The Bahri Date

Have you ever tried them? I saw these at the Berkeley Saturday market about three (maybe four) weeks ago. I stopped to look, as you don’t see them often. Turns out they are only available for about 2 short weeks during the season. That alone makes them special. Plus they are so stunning. Most of [...]
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Asian Culinary Forum

Saturday I devoted the day to something I love more than anything: studying, talking about, tasting, and discovering food traditions from different cultures. I attended two events at the Asian Culinary Forum. The forum is an educational nonprofit that aims to celebrate, investigate, and expand Asian food and culture. Founded by cookbook author Andrea Nguyen [...]
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Indonesianish Fried Rice

Between seasonal, from the market, no recipe cooking, recipe development projects, and $1 a meal Hunger Challenge recipes, I’ve been slowly working my way through James Oseland’s wonderful book, Cradle of Flavor. Awhile ago I made one of the many sambals in the book, Javanese Sambal. It consists of dried shrimp paste, lots of shallots, [...]
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Look What your $1 San Francisco Food Bank Donation Buys

$10 worth of food from the San Francisco Food Bank (note the fresh fruits and vegetables) $10 worth of food from a grocery store The Hunger Challenge is over but hunger is not. Other hunger challengers and myself get to move on and go back to eating whatever we want. Hunger is not an experiment [...]
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