Monthly Archives: June 2009

What to cook when there's nothing to eat

One of my favorite MFK Fisher books is How to Cook a Wolf. The wolf, of course, is hunger. The point being that a resourceful cook is one who can find something to eat when the larder is empty and the wolf is at the door. I cooked my own wolf the other night. True [...]
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Plum-Verbena Jam

In a way, this jam is what started me on the road to writing this latest book. It happened last summer when I noticed a family member's plum tree was laden with fruit–pounds and pounds of delicious plums about to go to waste in the worst way possible, by rotting on the ground. We harvested [...]
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Homemade Buckwheat Pasta with Cabbage, Bacon, Brown Butter, and Sage

You wouldn't know it was June from what we've been eating around here. It's cold in the Bay Area this week. Creepily so. So Sunday night I figured why not test a recipe from the book that fits the "season"? Sorry about the heinous picture in bad light but I wanted to get down to [...]
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