Hunger Challenge Day Three


I wake up preoccupied and worried about bread. Very worried about bread. You see I’ve been relying on bread for my snacks and then I realize it’s a limited supply.  I count out the pieces I’ve had in my head and the remaining pieces in the loaf and realize that, since I can only eat half the loaf, my remaining allotment is 5 slices. I was going to have a sandwich for lunch and I wonder if that is wise. I’m also told that I was thrashing and hitting in my sleep. Wonder what that’s about.

1 egg; 1 slice of toast; 1 wedge of melon

I think I’m just fine and then I realize I’m standing over the sink scraping the melon flesh off the rind with my teeth. This is not normal.

I’m hungry at 11:30.

I wait at least an hour after I become hungry to eat. I’m working at home so I make a grilled cheese sandwich (that leaves 2 slices of bread for the next 4 days!) and I enjoy half a pear with it. Gooey cheap cheese tastes good.

Since I’m working at home I am able to cook half a pound of beans to go with my enchiladas and maybe to serve as a stand-alone meal with tortillas. I’m glad I bought the family pack of tortillas.

I’m heading off to a panel discussion for the evening. I know there will be food there and it will be good food. I feel apprehensive about that. I eat two cabbage rolls before heading out.

While I’m waiting for the panel to begin, I start to write out how many portions of the cooked food I have allotted to me vs. how many more meals I will eat. I realize with horror that my batches of food made less than I planned and I would be short two meals (other than breakfasts, which I had covered). I decide that I’ll have to make an emergency soup from the rest of the chicken broth and rice and the other half bunch of $1 bok choy.

I also realize on this day that my Hunger Challenge partner isn’t really doing the challenge. I’d spent the amount of money for a household of two and now I was on my own. I feel badly about that but decide I will just be very careful to eat only half of the food in the house.

After the panel, everyone is eating. There’s cheese and crackers, really nice almonds, lots of fruit. I don’t take anything. Somebody hands me a strawberry. I eat it. I’m not crazy. Nor do I want to be rude. It’s all I can do to not dive on the food table. I make it home.

At home I eat the other half of the pear cut into wedges with peanut butter spread on them. This has now replaced bread as my snack of choice.

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