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Indonesianish Fried Rice

Between seasonal, from the market, no recipe cooking, recipe development projects, and $1 a meal Hunger Challenge recipes, I’ve been slowly working my way through James Oseland’s wonderful book, Cradle of Flavor. Awhile ago I made one of the many sambals in the book, Javanese Sambal. It consists of dried shrimp paste, lots of shallots, [...]
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How to Clean Fresh Squid &Thai-inspired Squid Salad

With more types of seafood becoming nearly extinct or too expensive to afford every day, I’m always looking for delicious, healthy, sustainable, affordable, preferably local seafood. Two of my favorites come from the Monterey Bay and fit all the requirements above: Sardines and squid. Unfortunately, both can be daunting to clean. I picked up 3/4 [...]
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Salad Rolls: A cool lunch for a hot day

After a hot and sweaty bike ride to and from the farmers’ market, something cool and crisp was in order. These were surprisingly good considering they were completely unplanned. The ingredients were a combination of leftovers from last night’s dinner and new purchases from the market. The Ingredients:Rice paper wrapper soaked for 30 secondsLettuce leavesJulienned [...]
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The Healthiest Breakfast on the Planet

Ok, I’m sure you could debate that, but you gotta admit, seaweed, wild salmon, soba noodles and broth beat out a lot of other typical options. We always eat fairly intelligently around here, but the cold weather makes us crave carbs. And however good the Marin Bagel Company Bagels may be, they are not the [...]
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An Indonesian Send-off

This is a wonderful book and I’m so happy to finally be cooking from it. I got ages ago but I’ve been a little busy for the past year or so cooking beans for the Heirloom Bean Book. (Co-written with Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo, the book will be out in the fall.) 50-60 pounds [...]
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