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No Food for Thought

Time: Here's just one tiny piece of a problem that is systemic. We’re all short on time but some of us can afford to make up for that by using money. When the banks of time and money are both empty, you’ve got a problem. Somebody commented about this on The Kitchn yesterday. I was [...]
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Hunger Challenge Recipe: Cabbage and Potato Casserole

I like to think I have an ancestral way with cabbage due to my Slavic genes. For this recipe I challenged myself to use some of the items the food bank gets a lot of in one dish—namely cabbage, carrot pieces, onions, and cottage cheese. Sounds like a casserole in the making to me! So [...]
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SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge: Enjoy your lentils, but no caffeine for you!

Ok, so this Hunger Challenge thing…kind of fun really. I like a challenge. I like being resourceful and cooking with what’s available. Until I realize: WHERE’S MY COFFEE?? Ok, now this is bad. I’ll admit, I’m not really strictly doing the Hunger Challenge for a whole week. More like developing some recipes (and of course [...]
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Do you want to drive or eat?

Rush hour is not happy hour  8-08-08 5:15pm I was going to post a recipe for corn chowder, but then I read this. Sorry about the political break. I’ll post the corn chowder in a couple of days. Speaking of corn: Is it fuel or food? Well, increasingly it’s fuel, along with a lot of [...]
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Victory over Bureaucracy = Edible Civic Center Garden

It’s pretty amazing to witness the transformation from grass to edible landscape over at the Civic Center. They’ve torn out the lawn, carted it away, and designed these gorgeous circular beds. Saturday, July 11th was planting day and what a wonderful day! These plants are putting down roots in the same spot where the World [...]
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Got Biological Diversity? Watch "The World According to Monsanto"

If Monsanto has its way, we’ll never ever see images like this in future farmers’ markets. (this photo was taken at a tiny market in Shreveport LA). Here’s a link to another post I wrote (on the blog that pays me) about the film. Not lazy, just being efficient. Please set aside an hour and [...]
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Building a Better Farm Bill

On Wednesday, I joined the good people from the California Food and Justice Coalition and Food First (where I do some volunteer work) for a lunchtime march to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to deliver a Valentine (lots of fair trade chocolate and a flat of berries) asking her to give us a farm bill [...]
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