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Halibut Ceviché and Mexican Corn

Last week it was brutally hot around here and all I could think about was the Mexican corn I had at the Eat Real Festival. See my post about the festival on EcoSalon. I had some corn in the fridge that needed eating so I went out shopping for more food and inspiration. I walked [...]
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Vittles for the Great Outdoors: Camping Food

What do you eat while you’re camping? Do you go easy and already prepared? Do you make up soups, stews, chilis ahead? Do you grill? Do you plan to the last detail or do you wing it? Camping food is one of the best things about camping, in my opinion. A week or so ahead [...]
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Abalone Three Ways

It’s good to have friends who dive. Sometimes they’ll just show up at your house on a Sunday evening with beer and abalone. I haven’t had abalone in years. It is a very special food and on a Sunday a couple weeks back, the abalone showed up and I got to decide how to cook [...]
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How to Clean Sardines and Eat as if you live in Spain

My recent post on cleaning squid became so popular, it was picked up by CBS-5 and, for the first time, people that don’t actually know me started reading my blog. I guess there’s a call for that sort of thing, so now we’re going to learn how to clean sardines. Those of you who know [...]
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How to Clean Fresh Squid &Thai-inspired Squid Salad

With more types of seafood becoming nearly extinct or too expensive to afford every day, I’m always looking for delicious, healthy, sustainable, affordable, preferably local seafood. Two of my favorites come from the Monterey Bay and fit all the requirements above: Sardines and squid. Unfortunately, both can be daunting to clean. I picked up 3/4 [...]
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The Healthiest Breakfast on the Planet

Ok, I’m sure you could debate that, but you gotta admit, seaweed, wild salmon, soba noodles and broth beat out a lot of other typical options. We always eat fairly intelligently around here, but the cold weather makes us crave carbs. And however good the Marin Bagel Company Bagels may be, they are not the [...]
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Quick & Easy Sablefish with Meyer Lemon & Ajvar

Ok, the picture is terrible due to the absence of natural light this time of year at dinner time, but the fish was good. It was one of those nights when we’d picked up a piece of fish for dinner with no plan for it at all…Sunday night, something easy. Sablefish is also known as [...]
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