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Victory over Bureaucracy = Edible Civic Center Garden

It’s pretty amazing to witness the transformation from grass to edible landscape over at the Civic Center. They’ve torn out the lawn, carted it away, and designed these gorgeous circular beds. Saturday, July 11th was planting day and what a wonderful day! These plants are putting down roots in the same spot where the World [...]
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How to Clean Fresh Squid &Thai-inspired Squid Salad

With more types of seafood becoming nearly extinct or too expensive to afford every day, I’m always looking for delicious, healthy, sustainable, affordable, preferably local seafood. Two of my favorites come from the Monterey Bay and fit all the requirements above: Sardines and squid. Unfortunately, both can be daunting to clean. I picked up 3/4 [...]
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Got Biological Diversity? Watch "The World According to Monsanto"

If Monsanto has its way, we’ll never ever see images like this in future farmers’ markets. (this photo was taken at a tiny market in Shreveport LA). Here’s a link to another post I wrote (on the blog that pays me) about the film. Not lazy, just being efficient. Please set aside an hour and [...]
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The Healthiest Breakfast on the Planet

Ok, I’m sure you could debate that, but you gotta admit, seaweed, wild salmon, soba noodles and broth beat out a lot of other typical options. We always eat fairly intelligently around here, but the cold weather makes us crave carbs. And however good the Marin Bagel Company Bagels may be, they are not the [...]
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Blogging the COG

Did you ever think, "boy if I ran this store, things would be a lot different?". Well, here’s your chance. There’s a new grocery store in town and I’m member number 408. The COG  is a start-up co-op modeled after the Park Slope Co-op. For now, it is located in a warehouse in Emeryville and [...]
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