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Hunger Challenge Day Seven

It’s a workday and the last day and the good thing about work days is that it’s much easier to control your situation and eating opportunities. The Hunger Challenge food isn’t that bad so it’s just a matter of not exposing yourself to temptations, which is much easier on a weekday. Breakfast is egg, toast, [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Six

Another weekend day. Uggh. I eat breakfast (oatmeal with half a peach). Then I spend the morning making jam from the figs my friend had brought over the day before. For lunch I have 1 cabbage roll with a scoop of beans and a 1/2 a pear with peanut butter. I eat with family members, [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Five

I wake up resigned. It’s Saturday and I feel a little depressed. I start thinking about all my friends the farmers’ market vendors. Will they wonder where I am? I sure miss them. The farmers’ market is my church, my favorite place in the world to be. I don’t know what to do with myself [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Four

Woke up headachy and tired. Was told that I flailed in my sleep again. Wow, this is kind of intense. I took the dog for a walk and held off eating breakfast to avoid the mid-morning hunger, which tends to be the worst for me. Luckily this is a work at home day so I [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Three

I wake up preoccupied and worried about bread. Very worried about bread. You see I’ve been relying on bread for my snacks and then I realize it’s a limited supply.  I count out the pieces I’ve had in my head and the remaining pieces in the loaf and realize that, since I can only eat [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Two

I wake up ready to go. Day one wasn’t so bad. I’m working at home in the morning and going into the office late. I take that time to make Vietnamese rice porridge. This is a brilliant dish involving a very small amount of white, long grain rice, a lot of chicken broth, a few [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day One

My experience won't reflect everyone's. the reason is because I couldn't do the challenge on the actual days so I did 7 days of challenge before the challenge even started. So my first day, rather than being a Sunday, was a Tuesday. I woke up excited and apprehensive at once. How would I make it [...]
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Cooking for the Hunger Challenge

All culinary traditions have ways to make small amounts of food stretch. I wanted to borrow from a few different traditions just to experience the range of different types of foods that can be made cheaply. And I didn’t want to get bored.  My big plans involve my family’s Serbian stuffed cabbage, some enchiladas, and [...]
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Shopping for the Hunger Challenge

I shopped for the hunger challenge two days before the challenge was to start. The plan is to shop one day and then, on the following day, cook some dishes ahead for the week. I was allowed to spend $56 for a household of two and, in addition, I can include certain items from one [...]
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The San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge

According to an article this week in the Washington Post, food banks are stretched thin with an influx of new users who have recently lost their jobs due to the recession. A record number of people are also requesting food stamps and being added to the rolls. More than 35 million people in America now [...]
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