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Comida and Markets in Cuernavaca Mexico

I'm finally getting around to posting some of my food photos from my trip to Cuernavaca. I lived with a family there for two weeks while I studied Spanish at a wonderful school called Cetlalic How's my Spanish now? Let's just say it's better but I'm more fluent in the food of Mexico than in [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Seven

It’s a workday and the last day and the good thing about work days is that it’s much easier to control your situation and eating opportunities. The Hunger Challenge food isn’t that bad so it’s just a matter of not exposing yourself to temptations, which is much easier on a weekday. Breakfast is egg, toast, [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Six

Another weekend day. Uggh. I eat breakfast (oatmeal with half a peach). Then I spend the morning making jam from the figs my friend had brought over the day before. For lunch I have 1 cabbage roll with a scoop of beans and a 1/2 a pear with peanut butter. I eat with family members, [...]
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Hunger Challenge Day Four

Woke up headachy and tired. Was told that I flailed in my sleep again. Wow, this is kind of intense. I took the dog for a walk and held off eating breakfast to avoid the mid-morning hunger, which tends to be the worst for me. Luckily this is a work at home day so I [...]
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Halibut Ceviché and Mexican Corn

Last week it was brutally hot around here and all I could think about was the Mexican corn I had at the Eat Real Festival. See my post about the festival on EcoSalon. I had some corn in the fridge that needed eating so I went out shopping for more food and inspiration. I walked [...]
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The Street Food Craze: SF Street Food Festival and Eat Real and I'm in Eating Well Magazine!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you probably know about the street food craze. Secretive food carts all over the city (mostly San Francisco) operate under the radar of authorities and post their whereabouts on twitter. This recession has sparked a reverence for scrappy, can-do, self-reliant individuals. As chefs were elevated to [...]
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Vittles for the Great Outdoors: Camping Food

What do you eat while you’re camping? Do you go easy and already prepared? Do you make up soups, stews, chilis ahead? Do you grill? Do you plan to the last detail or do you wing it? Camping food is one of the best things about camping, in my opinion. A week or so ahead [...]
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Guatemalan Christmas Tamales in Xela

When I was in Guatemala in December I had the extraordinary privilege of living with one of the best cooks in Xela, or anywhere, Dona Yoly. She was our host mom during our second week there, which, lucky for us, fell on Christmas. When I asked if I could help her make the Christmas tamales, [...]
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Homemade Tortillas and Fish Tacos

Ever since I moved to the East Bay away from my beloved La Palma, I haven’t been able to find good tortillas. Read the labels at most grocery stores and you’ll find that tortillas contain all manner of unpleasant and unneeded (except for shelf life) ingredients. They should only contain three things: Corn, lime, and [...]
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Hands-on Cooking Classes June 19 & July 24: Mexican Fiesta! Fun Finger Foods for Fabulous Parties

I’ll be teaching this in two locations this summer. On June 19th the class is at the San Mateo Whole Foods Market and on July 24th it’s at Kitchen on Fire in North Berkeley. Menu: Sweet & Spicy PepitasMango, Jicima, and, Pineapple Kabobs with Chili and LimeShrimp Cocktail Dip with Avocado Bite-sized Chicken Empanadas with [...]
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