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SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge: Cabbage and Rice Soup

Here’s the first official recipe for the San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge. I’m trying as much as possible to use the commonly available food bank ingredients listed here at the bottom of the page. This simple soup is inspired by one of Marcella Hazan’s that includes rice and escarole and little else. I’ve upped [...]
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The Resourceful Cook: Spaghetti Frittata

Short on time and money? This is some mighty comfortable food. Sitting in your sweatpants at 9pm having finally mustered up the energy to dig through the refrigerator and make something to eat kind of food. I’m rarely not into cooking—even on the worst nights with the emptiest fridge. But this night, for whatever reason, [...]
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Late Spring Pasta with Asparagus, Morels, and Egg

Completely inspired by the market last week, I picked up some asparagus and morels, not knowing exactly what I’d do with them. I was thinking risotto, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted texturally. I remembered an idea I’d read in newsletter. Sara Kate wrote that she cooks pasta and greens and then tosses [...]
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What is this doing in my shopping cart? Or how I learn not to judge others.

I admit it. I look in other people’s shopping carts during checkout. I find it fascinating. Sometimes I even think things like: “Geez, all that packaged food…. I wish people knew the pleasures of the table and how much better it is for their health if they’d only cook fresh food.” Or, here’s another one:  [...]
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URR–Unidentified Roosting Raptor–Sighting

Walking down Market Street this afternoon, I followed the upward gazes of some standers-by and was surprised to see a bird-of-prey roosting on the outer sill of one of the Hyatt’s rooms. I snapped this photo and after a quick Google image search I determined it was a peregrine, though I’m no birder. I also [...]
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At year's end…

First post on what will be a mostly food related professional blog, but why not start off with a little beauty? This taken in the dry Sierras in late fall, the colorful leaves are weaving themselves in among the scrubby brush, but it looks like the work of human hands.
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